Hospice in the Home for Albury Wodonga and Surrounds.

We provide a 24 hours a day 7 days a week Hospice in the Home servcie that provides end of life care in the comfort of your own surroundings. Hopice in the Home is designed for you the client. Its an opportunity for you to live your death the way you want to. Dying a good death is important to the person living their death and to their significant others, family, friends or who or whatever is important to you and your lifestyle.

Having a death that is completely pain free, without anxiety and fear is a basic right. At Hospice in the Home we are doing death your way. Whether that be outside in the garden, inside in your bed or beside your best friend.

Our Values.

The Indigo Family Medical Centre is a practice specialising in all areas of General Medicine. We don’t believe in five minute medicine. We believe in giving you, the patient, the time you need each and every time. There is no rush, we want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with the service we provide.

Patient first

Dying at Home.

70% of Australians wish to die at home surrounded by their friends and family. However without advanced planning, dying at home often does not become a reality with only 14% of people actually passing away in the comfort of their own home. (Dying Well, Grattan Institute Report 2014).

If you are faced with a life-limiting illness, what do you need to plan for and how do you go about it? What support is available to you and from where? Who will care for you? Having these conversations and planning ahead will help you to maximise the time you have left, focus on life-affirming moments and ensure you or your loved one’s final days are as meaningful and comfortable as possible.

Here at Hospice in the Home we are dedicated to what you want. This includes ticking off any bucket list items that you wish to fulfill before your time here on earth comes to an end. If you want to go to a football match in Melbourne, we will take you. If you want to go on a train, plane or bus or ride a horse we will take you. As long as our safety is not compromised anything is possible.

If you would like home cooked meals then we will organise home cooked meals. If you would like to cuddle your dog in bed with you then you can. We are a highly qualified and dedicated group of individuals who want you to have the best days left on earth living it your way.

Principles of Good End of Life Care.

Good end of life care is based on the understanding that death is inevitable and a natural part of life. As the final stage in a person’s life it is a uniquely important time for the dying person and their family and close friends. The goals of end of life are are:

  • to maintain the comfort, choices and quality of life of a person who is recognised to be dying
  • to support their individuality
  • to care for the psychosocial and spiritual needs of themselves and their families

Support for families, if needed, continues after death as bereavement care. End of life care also aims to reduce inappropriate and burdensome healthcare interventions and to offer a choice of place of care when possible.

Our Team.

Helen Barter

Nurse Practitioner

Helen is committed to your care 24/7. Planning and implementing your care in a holistic manner.

Dr Colin Cameron

BSc (Hons) MBChB

A wonderfully compassionate and empathetic Doctor who tailors your treatment to suit your needs.

Dr Juliana Sheridan


A passionate professional with an extensive nursing background who wants to make a difference in your care.

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